Since its creation in 1987, INQUAR INDUSTRIES, INC. has proven to be the most reliable Filipino owned company in the Cleanroom Industry today. Its hopes are pinned on the promise of high caliber products and services through its expertise in micro-contamination control.

INQUAR has increased the development of its system by introducing innovations and technologies.

Today, it has developed its OWN PRODUCTS and includes foreign principles as its resources to strengthen its capabilities such as its own locally designed and manufactured Cleanroom products. Feel free to look around our brochure and our website so you can be fully aware of what we can offer you…


Mission and Vision

To continue being the pioneer in cleanroom global standard application thru the steadfast development of the ISO 14644.

To uplift the awareness on micro-contamination control through our ISO 14644 certified cleanroom design and build since 1987.

To be the front runner in the market on innovation and global standards through our locally made products.